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We are extremely proud to present to you, our candle collections. These ranges have been carefully selected, by our fragrance experts, to offer a wide range of beautifully smelling fragrances. Each of these professional perfumiers  have unique qualities and a history that is passed down into the candles that they make, so what you smell is a combination of both the ingredients and the clear attention to detail.

All of these collections use only the highest quality soya wax, combined with natural and organic oils, meaning all the candles and reed diffusers that we sell are 100% environmentally friendly and clean.

Marmalade of London

Lovingly handcrafted candles made in Britain. Marmalade is a beautifully displayed collection of sweet, soft and subtle scents that perfectly capture the sensation of being in nature. This is a range created by someone who’s passion took them around the world to sample the finest ingredients and oils.


Pure, artisan home fragrance from true fragrance aficionados. Paddywax have been creating soy wax candles for over 20 years and have created several collections of their own. Enjoy wonderfully themed candles from around the world.

Peppermint Grove

An outstanding range of fragrance products that take familiar smells to a whole new level. Find all of your favourite scents, blended to add a luxurious sophistication that will enhance the ambiance of your home. Each candle and diffuser comes in a beautiful bevelled glass, which once lit reflects and shines to give a beautiful light.

Quinnell Candles

Created by a small family business from Wales, the Quinnell range was created by true candle lovers looking to make luxurious candles at a realistic and affordable price. The candles use 100% soya wax, making them as environmentally friendly as candles come. A beautiful range from wonderful designers.

Shifa Aromas

A small artisan company who have an extraordinary range of stunning exotic and evocative fragrances. Developed with a deep understanding of how fragrances can influence mood and feelings of wellbeing. Each fragrance is beautifully crafted to enhance your home and soul.

Spry Candles

Using the power of sophisticated scents to invoke memories and feelings in those who smell them. Spry have an incredible selection of fragrances that focuses, relaxes or clears your mind to help you in whatever tasks you are trying to achieve. All made with the highest quality ingredients.


Enjoy natural couture perfume for you u0026amp; in your home. This collection has mastered the secrets to diffusing the essence of perfume fragrance. You’ll find sophisticated and complex, yet natural scents for your home. Pure luxury, crafted with organic ingredients.

Select A Scent by Levin Brothers

A small collection of beautiful candles for £10. Delicate glasses, with a gorgeous ribbon and presented in stylish boxes, these candles make wonderfully neat gifts for any occasion. Browse the Select A Scent collection and find flavours such as frosted cranberry, chocolate orange or the mouth watering cola bottles.

Aromatize Accessories

If you are a regular candle user then you will certainly be interested in accessorising. Our Aromatize accessories collection makes burning candles more beautiful and safer. Find plates, tea light holders, wick trimmers, candle lighters that will make your candle experiences more perfect.

More about our fragrance Sample Service

Our fragrance sample service is our way of helping you browse and experience our wonderful fragrances freely, so that you can choose the perfect candle or reed diffuser to buy.

What are fragrance samples?

The samples are made up of card strips that are infused with your chosen fragrance, these are contained within separate ziplock bags.

Order your selection of fragrance samples by clicking "Add a sample of this fragrance to my cart" on the product page of a candle or reed diffuser.

You may choose up to 6 fragrance samples for a deposit of £2.00. This deposit will be refunded on your later purchase.

Find out more on our Shopping With Us page

How to get the most out of a fragrance sample

To experience the fragrance, make sure the bag is fully aerated, especially round the card strip. Hold the bag to your nose and inhale. For a more intense fragrance with wax samples, squash the wax in the bag between your thumb and forefinger to warm it and increase the surface area.

Use the fragrance samples to find your perfect candle

Once you've received your fragrance samples and chosen your favourite, you can then browse all the candles that we have in stock of that fragrance by visiting our find my fragrance page.

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