Why are Natural Candles so Special?

Why Natural Candles Are So Special


We at Aflame Candles made the decision, way back when we first launched, that we would only sell the best quality, handmade, natural candles. Having spent years buying from some of the best-known companies around, we noticed that there was a huge difference between those who used natural plant based waxes and those who were using the very common paraffin wax. We found that natural candles were cleaner, burning for longer without any soot, and the fragrances were far more beautiful.


Since exploring this, we’ve discovered that natural candles are really quite special. Compared to the alternatives, there are so many reasons why you should buy natural and organic waxes. So this is why we are committed to only selling these, rather than paraffin wax or similar.


What are natural candles?


First of all, I should clarify what we mean by natural waxes. Over the years, we’ve found that most people don’t know how wax is made, or even what it’s made from.


We like to consider natural candles as being made entirely from organic, sustainable waxes. For plant-based materials, the process of manufacture extracts the plant’s oils, which is then hydrogenated to convert the fatty acids in the oil from unsaturated to saturated. This process alters the melting point of the oil, making it solid at room temperature but a liquid when burnt. Perfect for a beautiful candle.


A very common natural candle wax is soy wax. Oils are extracted from soybeans, which makes it a purely natural ingredient that is highly sustainable, as soybeans are farming product.


Paraffin wax is most common unnatural candle wax. 95% of the candles that you will find on the market are made from paraffin wax, extracted from a leftover by-product of the petroleum refining process. It’s very inexpensive but means that you are effectively burning paraffin inside your home.


Natural Candles are better for your environment?


One of the best things about natural candles are that they are mostly plant-based and so 100% vegetable. Soybeans for example, are not only naturally bio-degradable, but also a renewable and sustainable ingredient. It’s highly eco-friendly and can even be a way of supporting local farming.


You’ll also get a lovely clean burn with natural candles. Soy wax burns with no soot that can blacken walls or any carcinogenic chemicals that you’ll find in paraffin waxes. It’s a wonderful way of enjoying a beautiful aroma without polluting your home with toxins.


Natural candles will give you a much better aroma


Something that few people know is that essential oils only mix properly with natural waxes, this means that if you buy paraffin wax candles then you are almost certainly buying synthetic fragrance oils. Soy has one of the best fragrance holding capacity, which means the candles give a long lasting and beautiful scent throughout their entire lifetime.


One of the key reasons why natural candles give such a good aroma is because the melting point is lower than alternatives. This causes it to burn longer and a larger pool of liquid wax forms around the wick, which allows for a greater dispersion of essential oils into the room.



We truly believe that everyone should only ever buy candles made from natural waxes. Whilst you do pay a small premium for organic candles, you can be sure that what you are burning in your home is clean, natural and completely toxin free. You’ll also have a much better experience with your candle if you buy natural waxes. The smell is sweeter, more beautiful and will fill your home much better than any unnatural alternatives.


So next time you buy a scented candle, please check to make sure that it is made from natural and sustainable materials. It will make all the difference to your home!

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